eBilling and eStatements:  Did you know your credit card can be billed automatically each month?  Simply complete the automatic payment section on your monthly bill or call us with your credit card information.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  Also, we can email your statements to you in PDF format rather than providing a printed copy.  Just provide us with your email address and let us know you want an eStatement.  Save the trees!

Email:  It is always great to have your email on file so we can reach you with any updates that may affect your service.  If you haven’t yet given us your email, just send one to us at and we will save your contact information.

Hangers: Yes, we reuse wire hangers!  You may leave them out with your dry cleaning anytime and our driver will gladly pick them up However, please do not put wire hangers in your green bag.  Placing hangers in your bag can potentially damage your garments.  To return hangers, simply secure them with a rubber band or place them in a separate bag.

Holidays: There are a few days each year when our routes are interrupted by holidays.  These include New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving (Thursday and Friday), Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  If your pickup day falls on a holiday, we will not pickup your dry cleaning that week.  Of course, we are always happy to make alternate arrangements should you need our service–just ask!

Inclement Weather:  We do our best to serve you in all kinds of weather.  In the event that inclement weather prevents us from picking up or delivering your garments, we will call or email you to notify you of the schedule change.

Moving: As the real estate market picks up (hooray!), please remember that there is no need to search for a new dry cleaner if you’re moving.  Our service area covers the majority of Johnson County, Kansas and Clay and Platte Counties in Missouri.  Simply send us an email to validate your new address and pick-up day.  Once your move date is confirmed will we update our routes and your service will be simple and seamless.  Hopefully the rest of your move will be so easy!  Email us to update your account or simply check to see if your dream home is within our service area!

Porch Lights: As the days become shorter during the winter months, our drivers often find themselves working in the dark.  Please take a moment to turn on your porch light.  It will help our driver better locate your bag in the mornings and also hang your bag safely and securely the following evening.

Reminder Calls:  Be sure we have your updated phone number so you can receive our automated reminder calls the evening prior to your pick-up day.  These calls are brief and offer you a simple reminder to put your bag out for us the next morning.

Stains: We do our very best to check for stains, but it is always helpful for you to leave a note with your cleaning if you know of specific stains we need to treat.  If available, please note what the stain consists of and the specific location on your garments.  Please DO NOT mark stains with tape.  If we don’t see the tape, it can cause further damage to your garment during the high heat of the cleaning process.  A note clipped to your green bag is sufficient and much appreciated.

Storing Garments:  It is important that items are cleaned properly before storage.  Insects like moths, silverfish and carpet beetles are attracted to fabrics that contain food or beverage stains.  To help prevent mildew, be sure your clothes are stored where exposure to humidity and dampness are minimal.

Undergarments: Missing a sock?  Check your green bag!  We know that occasionally items end up in your dry cleaning bag that you do not intend for us to clean.  We strive to provide the best service and do not want to charge you for cleaning socks or undergarments that are mistakenly left inside clothing.  When we find these items, we place them back inside your green bag to return on delivery day.  So check those bags before you start stuffing them full of clothes for the next week—you might just find some long-lost treasures!

Wet Weather: Please remember that our green bags are weather resistant—not waterproof.  When your garments get wet, there is a chance of garment shrinkage and/or compromised color.  If rain or snow is in the forecast, please place your items tightly inside a plastic bag (used plastic dry cleaning bags are perfect!) and then place inside your green bag for maximum protection.

Wreath Hangers:  While we love to admire your beautiful wreaths and door ornaments, it can be challenging to hang deliveries on the door when decorations are present.  Our goal is to deliver your items securely and wrinkle-free and we certainly don’t want to accidentally damage your décor in the process!  Please remove your door ornaments on delivery day or add a second empty wreath hanger dedicated for delivery of your garments.  If you need a new wreath hanger, let us know and we will gladly drop one off with your next order.