Will I pay a premium for your service?
Absolutely not!  It is a common misconception that residential dry cleaning pickup and delivery is prohibitively expensive.  Check our prices and you will see we are VERY competitive.  In fact, it is likely that you will SAVE money using our service.  Add to that the additional cost savings in gas and and the value of your time and you will find that using our service is a no brainer!

What areas do you serve?
We currently serve customers in Johnson County, Kansas and Clay and Platte Counties in Missouri.  If you live outside of these areas, please call or email us–we may be able to work you into our routes!

Where will my clothes be cleaned?
As a small business, we strongly believe in supporting other local small businesses.  Your clothes are always taken to a local, independent dry cleaner with years of experience and a steadfast dedication to quality.

How does your service work?
We will be in your neighborhood once a week, on your assigned pick up day, starting at 7:00 am.  We will drive past your home on our route and pick up your green bag if it is out.  We will professionally clean your garments and deliver them back to you the NEXT DAY!

What if I forget to leave my bag out  on my pickup day?
Just give us a call.  Chances are one of our drivers will be in your area and can swing by and pick it up.  We do our best to accommodate our customers.

Where will you deliver my items?
Right to your front door!  We will provide a wreath hanger for you if you don’t already have one. Just place the hanger over the top of your door and we will hang your delivery on it for you.

What if I’m not home for the delivery?
Whether or not you are home, we value your privacy.  We don’t want to disturb you and make you feel obligated to answer the door.  Our driver will hang your garments securely on your front door, knock a few times, and leave.

What if I have something that needs to be dry cleaned on a day other than my pickup day?
Give us a call.  We know that life is unpredictable and doesn’t follow a set schedule.  We will always do our best to accommodate your needs.

Why do my household items take longer for delivery?
Please allow up to a week for delivery of household items such as comforters, drapes and table linens.  These items typically take longer due to size and/or attention to detail.  For example, items such as table clothes and napkins typically require significant inspection to be sure we properly treat all soils and stains.  Thank you for your patience as we treat your items with thorough care!

How do I pay for the service?
You will receive monthly statements.  You can opt for electronic statements or paper statements.  You can pay by check, debit or credit card.  We also offer credit card auto-billing.  Of course, we recommend customers opt for electronic statements with auto-billed credit card.  Your monthly statement is then delivered straight to your email and it is one less bill you need to think about paying!

Do you offer discounts or coupons?
We want you to be confident that you are receiving our absolute best price every day, every time.  We emphasize premium service and convenience and do not want our customers to be bothered with tracking deals or saving their cleaning until it is “on sale.”  We do offer discounts for teachers, police officers, firefighters and active and veteran members of the armed forces.  After we receive documentation from you to verify your service, you will be eligible for a 10% service discount on every order (exclusions: alterations and specialty items such as leather and fur; discounts cannot be combined).

What if I live in an apartment?
We will be happy to serve you!  Many of our apartment customers are considered “on call.”  This just means that you need to call or text us the day prior to your pickup so we know to go to your door to pick up your green bag (many apartment doors are not visible from the street).  Also, we require a credit card on file for auto-billing.  Your card will be charged with each use.

Do you deliver to businesses?
Yes, we do. If you think your employees or coworkers might benefit from our service, please contact us and we will work with you to arrange a pick-up and delivery schedule.  Everybody wins—you can provide your employees with the tools to always look their professional best while also adding convenience and time-savings to their busy lives!

Do you do alterations?
Yes.  Alterations take a minimum of one week to complete and are priced on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact us for details.

 Is your work guaranteed?
Absolutely! We take great pride in the quality of our work and your satisfaction is our highest priority. We will pick up and redo any garment that doesn’t meet your satisfaction. As a family-owned business, we also take great pride in the personalized customer service we provide.

Other things you should know about us…

  • Standard shirt buttons that are broken or missing are replaced for free.
  • We clean household items such as comforters, drapes, table cloths, and small rugs.
  • We also professionally clean leather, suede and fur.
  • Wedding gown cleaning and preservation is available.